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Jacek Wojtysiak
Religious Diversity and Rational Choice of Religion

13 2020

Jacek Wojtysiak 
prof. dr. hab. Department of Theory
of Knowledge of the Faculty of Philosophy,
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.
Poland, 20‒950 Lublin, Al.Racławickie 14;


In my essay I consider the situation of a person who really believes in the existence oftheUltimate Reality. The person in question should choose one of the historical religions orconstruct his or her own pluralist-sceptical Meta-religion. To do so rationally, he or she mustuse appropriate criteria. I think that the list of these criteria should include the following: in-ternal and external coherence, empirical (mystical) confirmation, credible justification ortestimony, existential usefulness, and universality. A comparison of the great historical reli-gions and skeptical-pluralistic Meta-religion leads to the thesis that all of them similarly ful-fill these criteria. The exception to this is the criterion of credibility, which attributesahigher epistemic value to Christianity, although it is possible to discuss whether this valueis conditioned by a historical coincidence. In addition, Christianity (understood in a particu-larist way) faces the objection that I call ‘Schellenberg-Hick’s pliers’. I suppose that it canbe avoided by advocating Christian pluralism. Its content can be formulated as follows: justas the Eucharistic signs make available the salvific sacrifice of Christ and the love of GodtheFather, so Christian mystery could also be universally made available by the signs ofnon-Christian religions.