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Bryan B. Battaglia
Widening the Aperture in Education

16 2013

As noted in the Chairman’s Joint Education White Paper (dated July 16, 2012), we belong not only to a Profession of Arms, but also to a learning institution. Continued education allows us to become more proficient, more valued, and more relevant in our roles and responsibilities as senior noncommissioned officers (NCOs) and petty officers (POs). Our four Service branches confidently maintain their traditional Title 10 obligation (man, train, and equip), and the enlisted professional military education system is well established throughout the enlisted Service academies. Enlisted professional military education serves as a dynamic foundation for continued growth and follow-on assignments. Outside of the confines of intra-Service billets are enlisted joint assignments that necessitate additional education not normally embedded in an enlisted academy curriculum. Enlisted joint professional military education (JPME) has a similar design as it prepares Servicemembers for those joint or multinational roles