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08 2018

China has altered its global posture from “keeping a low profi le” to “striving for achievement” since President Xi came to power. The adjusted approach to Chinese foreign policy is in the context of growing China’s state capabilities and shrinking American global leadership under Trump’s presidency. Given these structural changes in the international system, China is expected to play a bigger role in the world politics. Accordingly, questions have raised that how China perceives the world and whether rising China is a reformist or revisionist power. The paper would address these questions by fi rst revisiting the ancient Chinese idea of Tianxia, which is both a concept and practice in ancient times. As Tianxia is not applicable in the modern world, the concepts are reinvented by Chinese scholars, which are similar to ideas proposed by President Xi, offering an ideal worldview. In the third part, an empirical analysis of the Chinese foreign policy would check whether China’s behaviors correspond to Xi’s vision and whether China is a revisionist power.