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04 2015


Viktor I. Danilyan. The Structure of Value and the Structure of Economy in the Age of Globalization (pp. 3–20).
Ilya V. Ilyin, Olga G. Leonova. The Tendencies of Development of Globalization Political Processes (pp. 21–35).
Irina V. Ivakhnyuk. The Development of Migration Theory in Terms of Globalization (pp. 36–51).
Tomasz Kamusella. What do We Learn When Learning the World? (pp. 52–65).

Processes of globalization

Valery V. Snakin. The Dynamics of Biodiversity, Continental Drift and Globalization (pp. 66–74).
Ivan A. Aleshkovski, Vladimir A. Iontsev. Regulating International Migration Processes in Terms of Globalization (pp. 75–87).
Marina A. Shulga. Europeanization: Some Peculiarities of One Concept (pp. 88–95).

Global issues

Alexander B. Veber. Passions about Climate. Who and Why is against the Fight against Global Warming? (pp. 96–105).
Olga A. Mazur. Near East: On the Edge of Contradictions (pp. 106–113).
Dmitry Yu. Rudenko, Kristina Yu. Zinkovskaya. The Processes of Convergence in Global Economy (pp. 114–124)

Nature, society, and humans

Eduard V. Girusov. Social and Environmental Education (pp. 125–129).
Vladimir V. Krasnov. The Premises of Creating of Integral Society (pp. 130–141).
Yury D. Granin. Globalization: Erosion of National Identity (pp. 142–153).
Wali Teymouri, Bahareh Biglari. Tourism as an Appropriate Model to Educate World Citizenship (pp. 154–165)

Russia in the global world

Ruslan S. Grinberg. Economy of Modern Russia: The Situation, Problems, Perspectives. The Results of System Transformation (pp. 166–181).