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06 2013

Vek globalizatsii

[Age of Globalization]

Journal of global studies


Following the SECOND World CulturAl Forum
(May 9, 2013, Hangzhou, China)

Princess Irene of the Netherlands. Speech at the Final Plenary Section of the Second World Cultural Forum (pp. 3–6).

Ervin Laszlo. The Culture of “Oneness in Diversity”: A Manifesto Presented at the Second World Cultural Forum (pp. 7–10).

Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison. The “Ahimsa Factor”: Ecological Non-Violence Process Analysis in China and Its Implications for Global Paradigmatic Shifts (pp. 11–22).


Alexander N. Chumakov. The Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Globalization Process Research (pp. 23–37).

Lu Feng. Reflections on the Global Environmental Crisis from Confucian and Ecological Perspectives (pp. 38–47).

Stepan S. Sulakshin. On the Causes of the World Financial Crises: The Model of Controlled Crisis (pp. 48–62).

Processes of globalization

Leonid E. Grinin. Globalization Shuffles the World Cards (Where the World`s Economic and Political Balance Shifts) (pp. 63–78).

Hash-Erdene Sambalkhundev, Enhtuya V. Sandag, and Vladimir I. Krasikov. A Prologue to Globalization: The Imperial Variant of the 13th Century (pp. 79–82).

Global issues

Vladimir I. Maslov. The Role of Education in the Contemporary World (pp. 83–92).

Ivan A. Doroshin. The Global Dimension of Religious Protest in the Risk Society (pp. 93–100).

Victor A. Galichin. The International Market of Educational Services: General Characteristics and Developmental Trends (pp. 101–112).

Nature, society, and humans

Alexei N. Ilyin. The Influence of Responsible Consumption on the Environment (pp. 113–130).

Victor N. Salin, Anna A. Popova, and Elena P. Shpakovskaya. The Position of Statistics in Globalization Processes (pp. 131–142).

Aza D. Ioseliani. The Anthropology of the Global World: The Human Being in Contemporary Communicative-Information Sphere (pp. 143–154).

Andrey L. Safonov and Alexander D. Orlov. Nation and Ethnos in the Unified World (pp. 155–166).

Russiain the global world

Vladimir I. Avilov and Svetlana D. Avilova. The Energy Security as Russia`Priority (pp. 167–179).

Scientific life

Ilya V. Ilyin and Alexander S. Rozanov. The Global World: An Opinion from Russia (pp. 180–185).

Georgi I. Rychagov and Gennady Safianov. New Achievements in the Studies of Natural Environment (pp. 186–187).

To the Jubilee! The 75th Anniversary of Victor I. Danilov-Danilyan (pp. 188–189).

The Authors of the Issue (p. 190).