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Miri Seyed Javad
Farabi and three different strategies of interpretation

Seyed Javad Miri
Professor of Sociology and History of Religions.
Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies. Tehran, 64th St, Iran;
e-mail: seyedjavad@hotmail.com

There is no doubt that Farabi played a significant role in the history of world philosophy. What is not altogether clear, however, is the nature of Farabi’s significance for philosophy as such, since it seems that opinions about the weight of his contribution vary dramatically. In other words, how are the contrasting modes of discourse on Farabi to be conceptualized? Is his importance of a merely archaeological nature? Is Farabi’s significance of any historical value? Does he possess any contemporary meaning for post-secular social theorists of this day? In answering these questions, I have come up with a classificatory scheme which may be of use in conceptualizing contradictory trends in approaching Farabi’s intellectual legacy.

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