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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Философский журнал » №4, 2018

Asymmetry instead of extension

Alexander Galloway,
professor, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication.
New York University. USA,
NY 10012-1019, New York, 239 Greene Str.;
e-mail: phljrnl@yandex.ru


Nina Sosna,
senior research fellow. Institute of Philosophy,
Russian Academy of Science. Russian Federation,
109240, Moscow, 12/1 Goncharnaya Str.;
e-mail: phljrnl@yandex.ru


N.S.: In Russia, you are famous for the book on the Protocol and the demiphologization of networks regarding their seeming interactivity, redeeming decenteralization, universality and absence of boundaries. How did your views changed since then: on code, deciphering, entchantement and encryption? Does the latter refer to the compression of data that is opposed to the highly political desire of entchantement to the state of transperancy in order to use better and manipulate? The question seems to acquire strange colors against the background of a statistical increase in the number of those who share the conspiracy theory, not only in Russia (the country has not a simple political multi-issues history of this type of explanation developing over two hundred years), but in the world, doesn’t it?

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