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Colin S. Gray
The Whole House of Strategy

The world is awash with politica and strategic advice purporting to be remedies for current and anticipated ills. Rather less abundant are works that seek to render thought about strategic problems more robust. To that end, I examine strategic phenomena from five perspectives, each of which is seriously undertheorized for the explanation necessary as a basis for understanding.

John B. Sheldon and Colin S. Gray
Chapter 15: Theory Ascendant? Spacepower and the Challenge of Strategic Theory

Some time ago, one of us asked, "Where is the theory of spacepower? Where is the Mahan for the final frontier?" Over 10 years later, such an exhortation still has resonance as the realm of spacepower still lacks a "space focused strategic theory" and a "binding concept" that can "aid understanding of what it is all about.

Colin S. Gray
The Strategist as Hero

War and warfare and their preparation militate against crisp strategy. Yet the strategist is charged with articulating how the use of arms will bring about desired outcomes. Toward that end, the strategist should employ every acting and interacting element within a general theory of strategy. Strategic effect is the elusive result of the strategist’s effort, but strategic function is lasting and universal and independent of the vagaries of time and place. While unpredictability makes strategists of great stature a rarity, for most strategists of at least average gifts it is sufficient to be adequate. Practitioners are left with the optimistic notion that excellence is generally not a prerequisite to victory. They need only achieve sufficient control over the enemy’s decisions.
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