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7. Threat Finance: A Critical Enabler for Illicit Networks

Through globalization, the free flow of goods, services, capital, ideas, and technology has positively transformed our lives in an increasingly interconnected world. Simultaneously, these same catalysts have allowed bad actors to enrich themselves at the expense of the prosperity, security, and integrity of the global community. These actors, and the illicit networks in which they typically function, actively seek out governance gaps, socioeconomic vulnerabilities, and character weaknesses as openings to conduct their nefarious activities and expand their power and influence throughout the world. No region, country, or community is immune. While we know that illicit networks are enabled by multiple factors, financing is essential for anything they do and enhances their power. Money is the oxygen that brings the activities to life of any licit or illicit organization. Finances sustain these entities and provide a window — and perhaps a vulnerable entry point— into these shadowy organizations.

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