Russian journal - Standpoint of the week #6

Автор: varvalex от 17 марта 2010
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Russian journal - Standpoint of the week #6

Russian journal - Standpoint of the week

issue #6, March, 2010

The topic of the issue: Universities as Centres of Modernisation Policy
How significant is the role of universities and the academic community in modernisation process on the whole? Can an improvement in the educational level of the population in general be considered as an indicator of the level of modernisation within a given society? Is it justified that there be a division between the university system per se and the academic system? Responses to the questions, in addition to others, may be found in this publication. Numbering among the experts providing such answers are Peter Senge, the Director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management (USA); Emmanuelle Le Roy Ladurie, Professor Emeritus at Le Collège de France (France), Efim Pivovar, the Rector of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH); Vladimir Mironov, the Dean of the Philosophy Faculty at Moscow State University (MSU); Alexander Philippov, the Head of the Practical Philosophy Department at the State University – Higher School of Economics; Andrey Ashkerov, the Head of the educational program ‘Philosophy of politics and power relations’ at the Philosophy Faculty at MSU; Lev Yakobson, the First Vice-Rector of GU–VSE; Harvey C. Mansfield, Professor of Government at Harvard University;Hossein Ahmadi, an advisor of the President of Iran, and Mikhail Sonkin, Director of the Cybernetics Centre Institute at the Tomsk Polytechniсal University.

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