Russian journal - Standpoint of the week #7

Автор: varvalex от 02 апреля 2010
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Russian journal - Standpoint of the week #7

Russian journal - Standpoint of the week

issue #7, March, 2010

The topic this issue is ‘Is the “Moscow Consensus” possible?
This week, the editorial board of RJ – Standpoint of the Week presents an overview of the debates going on in political and social science about the expected review of the foundations of the Washington Consensus, its substitution with a different agreement, and the prospects of  a new  Beijing or Moscow Consensus. The following experts took part in the discussion: John Naisbitt, director of the independent think tank the China Institute and professor of economics at Nankai University (China); John Williamson, the American economist who coined the term ‘Washington Consensus’ and senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (Washington); Joshua Cooper Ramo, managing director at Kissinger Associates, who that coined the term ‘Beijing Consensus’; Susan George, head of the Transnational Institute, an international think tank for progressive politics; Evgeny Yasin, academic adviser at the State University – Higher School of Economics, and President of the Liberal Mission Foundation; Andry Korotaev, director of the Eastern Anthropology Center of the Russian State University for the Humanities, and co-editor of the international journal Social Evolution & History;Richard Sakwa, professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent. The issue of forming the Moscow Consensus was raised by Valery Fadeev, editor-in-chief of Expert magazine, and Gleb Pavlovsky, editor-in-chief of the Russian Journal and President of the Foundation for Effective Politics.

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