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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Актуальные проблемы экономики и права » № 2 (34), 2015

O. A. Strakhova, E. V. Sheppli
Swiss-model of managerial culture as the basis for forming the competence model of a modern manager in healthcare


Doctor of Economics, Professor

Higher School of Economics of Saint-Petersburg State University for Economics,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia,


Leading Specialist

State establishment “Territorial Fund of the Compulsory Medical Insurance of Saint-Petersburg”,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Objective: to research the practice of Swiss-management of healthcare organizations.

Methods: abstract-logic, comparative management, benchmarking. Results: elaboration o f the mechanism and tools of forming the competence model of the modern manager in healthcare.

Scientific novelty: the conceptual approach is elaborated to build the system of human resources management in healthcare organization, basing on the Swiss-model of managerial culture; the innovative model of healthcare managers training in the system of continuous professional education is elaborated; the problem-oriented approach to training the medical personnel is used, with the possibility to correct the curriculum during its implementation.

Practical value: the issue of efficient resource management in healthcare are discussed at the level of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare, Russian Agency for Monitoring in Healthcare, Federal Fund for compulsory medical insurance. The existing contradictions in the management and regulatory system of healthcare as a sector of economy, the protracted reforms, the unbalanced model of healthcare system lead to the search of new managerial mechanisms. Thus the introduction of the Swiss-model of human resources management and the new type of managerial culture in healthcare organizations can be viewed as the mechanism of increasing the efficiency of the Russian healthcare organizations’ functioning.

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№2, 2016№ 2 (34), 2015№ 1, 2015
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