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U.S. Food Policy Aims for “Transformational Change”

A young child puts bread into her mouth (AP Images)
The United Nations reports that one in nearly every six people lacks adequate food to live an active and healthy life.

“The true sign of success is not whether we’re the source of perpetual aid that helps people scrape by, it’s whether we are partners in building the capacity for transformational change.”
President Obama in Ghana, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced details of the U.S. Food Security Initiative on World Food Day in October 2009.

The goals are:

• Reduce hunger sustainably

• Raise the incomes of the rural poor

• Reduce the number of children suffering from under-nutrition.

Five key principles guide the initiative:

• The United States will work with partner countries to create and implement plans.

• The initiative will invest in the tools necessary to support farmers, their skills, and perseverance.

• The initiative will coordinate closely with local and regional efforts.

• The initiative will support the multilateral institutions combating world hunger.

• The initiative will be a long-term and accountable U.S. commitment.

In fulfilling the initiative, scientists and experts at the U.S. Department of Agriculture will:

• apply themselves to improving the nutritional and productive value of crops around the globe;

• will help partners resolve technical challenges related to irrigation, crop improvement, pest eradication, and other problems;

• will help other nations train their future agricultural leaders.

U.S. officials emphasize that food security is important in achieving economic, environmental, and national security.

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