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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Quaestio Rossica » №2, 2020

Yulia Zapariy, Alexey Antoshin
Strategies and Instruments of Russian Politics: History and Contemporaneity

The close relationship between politics and propaganda seems obvious, but it was the twentieth century that made apparent the oft-destructive power of propaganda used by states as a tool to safeguard their national interests. Contemporary Russian society still retains an evident interest in the slogans, visual images, and mythologies of the Soviet period. How foreign policy strategies and propaganda have influenced people, how mass beliefs have been formed, how ideology has influenced decision-making by political elites – all these problems are explored by the authors in this issue of Quaestio Rossica. The history of Soviet foreign policy is among one of the most interesting fields of modern Russian historiography. Dependence on the policy reversals of politicians and diplomats bestows an ideological and conjectural character to many works in the field. Battles for meaning continue in the pages of memoir literature and the media. All this is even more relevant for historiography related to the post-Soviet era. This ideological dimension makes it difficult to apply the principles of objective academic analysis to contemporary history.

Другие статьи автора: Zapariy Yulia, Antoshin Alexey

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