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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Quaestio Rossica » №4, 2020

Larisa Soboleva, Dmitry Redin
An Era of Change for People and the State

An era of change. These words are the salvation and curse of human existence. The restlessness of human nature is reflected in the never-ending search for something new, encountering hope for the best, the desire for peace and stability, fatigue from the chase, disappointment, and bitterness. If one tries to look at history from a bird’s-eye view, one might notice how little there is in it that can be safely called periods of stability. As soon as the fabric of historical time has taken a recognizable shape, its threads begin to tear, its patterns dissolve, and a seemingly reliable “yesterday” turns into a shaky “today” and an unknown “tomorrow”, terrifying the timid (“Be patient, everything will soon return back to square one”) and encouraging the bold (“We are building a new, unknown and brave new world!”).

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