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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Quaestio Rossica » №3, 2020

Mira Bergelson, Andrej Kibrik, Мarina Raskladkina
The Language of a Lost Russian Region in the Historical Context of Russia’s Eastward Expansion

This paper presents the results of a pilot field study of the Russian language of a group of East Siberian old settlers in the context of their ethnic and cultural history and their role in Russian expansion eastward, including Alaska between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. From a linguistic perspective, the regional features of the old settlers’ Russian language testify to the cultural and historical processes that involved various groups of the Russianspeaking population of Eastern Siberia. This paper aims at comparing these linguistic materials to the data on the Russian language of Alaska found by the authors, which may help clarify the historical processes that shaped the Russian linguistic and cultural landscape of Alaska, the only overseas Russian region. Linguistic data from Siberia are checked against those of Alaskan Russian – a language of intercultural communication in Alaska from the beginning of the Russian America period (mid-eighteenth century) and through to the mid-twentieth century.

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