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SFI Bulletin vol.26, no.1, Winter 2012

SFI Bulletin vol.26, no.1, Winter 2012 «Тhe past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes,» Mark Twain once said, a reference to the patterns of history, perceived anecdotally. Today, a new field is coalescing around the notion that historical patterns are, to some degree, measurable, and that the future can, also to some degree, be predicted. Researchers involved in the field call it «cliodynamics» after Clio, the Greek muse of history… History as Science


Douglas H. Erwin
Time, Chance and the Laws of History

The Nature of Complexity

Why Ask Big Questions?

Fractals: Parts That Reflect the Whole

John German
Watching Evolution Unfold for 54,000 Generations — and Counting

Krista Zala
Not Your Grandfather’s Origin of Life Theory

History as Science

Krista Zala
Unraveling the Mysteries of Migration

Julie Rehmeyer
Fighting HIV: The Evolution Solution

Robert May
What Biology Can Teach Us About Banking

John Whitfield
Do Individuals Matter?

Santa Fe Institute Mission and Vision

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