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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Сравнительная политика » №3, 2015

Mingming Wang
The West As the Other: A Genealogy of Chinese Occidentalism. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2014.

This book challenges an extensive number of critical studies of Orientalist narratives (including Edward Said’s Orientalism), and reframes such studies from the directionological perspectives of an “Oriental” civilization. The author explores the ancient Chinese’s view of the West as other by locating it in the classical and imperial China, leading the reader through the history of Chinese geo-cosmologies and world-scapes. Moreover, the author delves into the historical records of Chinese “world activities,” journeys that began from the Central Kingdom and reached towards the “outer regions.” This book offers a fundamental reimagining of the standard concept of the other, with critical implications not only for anthropology, but for philosophy, literature, history, and other interrelated disciplines

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