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Stuart W. Bowen, Jr., and Craig Collier
Interagency Rebuilding Efforts in Iraq: A Case Study of the Rusafa Political District

From 2004-2012, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) conducted 387 inspections and audits of U.S.-funded projects and programs that supported stabilization and reconstruction operations in Iraq. Most of SIGIR’s reviews focused on large-scale projects or programs. In a recent special report, SIGIR accomplished a novel study examining a particular part of the rebuilding effort. That report reviewed the remarkably diverse spectrum of programs and projects executed in a crucial geographic area in Iraq, the Rusafa Political District, delving into who built what and at what cost

Stuart W. Bowen, Jr., and Craig Colier
The Human Toll of Reconstruction During Operation Iraqi Freedom: Report Overview

The United States has spent more than $60 billion on reconstruction and stabilization in Iraq. Mostly overlooked are the casualties suffered specifically related to SRO efforts. Through this report, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction sought to determine how many people-U.S. Servicemembers and civilians, third-country nationals, and Iraqis-were killed while participating in activities related to the rebuilding of Iraq's infrastructure and institutions. After examining all available classified and unclassified sources, SIGIR found that at least 719 people lost their lives while performing stabilization and reconstruction missions, including 318 U.S. citizens (about 11 percent of total hostile deaths). The report provides more detailed analysis of these casualties, offers lessons learned, and examines opportunities for future study.

Stuart W. Bowen, Jr., and Craig Colier
Reconstruction Leaders' Perceptions of CERP in Iraq: Report Overview

In order to learn from the first-hand experiences of those who used CERP and other reconstruction funds in Iraq, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction administered a survey to former Army and Marine Corps battalion commanders, former Provincial Reconstruction Team leaders, USAID members on the PRTs, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials who served in Iraq. They were asked about what outcomes they intended to achieve with CERP, what measures of effectiveness they used, the level of interagency coordination, and the level of corruption. This report provides the results of the survey along with analysis and lessons learned and a wealth of information as well as opportunities for future research.
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