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Давид Бабаян
Политика КНР в регионе Северного Прикаспия

Китайская Народная Республика, как известно, ведет весьма активную политику в Центральной Азии, которая является важнейшим для Поднебесной геополитическим направлением, а также на Кавказе, причем как Южном, так и Северном. Об этих направлениях китайской геополитики имеется целый ряд исследований. Однако до сих пор не рассматривалась политика Поднебесной в Северном Прикаспии.

As it is known the People’s Republic of China carries out rather active policy in the Central Asia, which is very important geopolitical direction for the Celestial, and the Caucasus (both South and North). There are a number of researches devoted to these directions of the Chinese geopolitics. But till now there have been no researches on the policy of the Celestial in the Northern Caspian Sea region. Beijing carries out multi-vector policy in the Northern Caspian Sea region. Meanwhile the relations of China with both Kalmykia and Astrakhan Region have big potential for broadening and deepening. Taking into consideration strategic geographic location of the region, which is a kind of “bridge” between Central Asia and the Caucasus, it can be assumed that the Celestial will continue to deepen the relations with the Northern Caspian Sea region in the future. It is in the interests of both Beijing and the subjects of this region.

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