Joint Force Quarterly. Issue 46, 3nd Quarter 2007

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alt Joint Force Quarterly

Issue 46, 3nd Quarter 2007
Intelligence and Technology

JFQ - ежеквартальный журнал Института национальных стратегических исследований (США)
Размещен на с разрешения National Defense University Press

Table of Contents

JFQ Dialog

Joint Doctrine Update

Strategic Communication and National Security
By James G. Stavridis

“Deconfusing” Lethal and Kinetic Terms
By Karl E. Wingenbach and Donald G. Lisenbee, Jr.


Executive Summary

Law Enforcement Technology, Intelligence, and the War on Terror
By M.E. Bowman

Technology, Intelligence, and Trust
By James R. Howcroft

Eyes on Target: Intelligence Support to an Effects-based Approach
By James B. Ellsworth

Applying Law Enforcement Technology to Counterinsurgency Operations
By Giles Kyser, Matt Keegan, and Samuel A. Musa

China’s ASAT Test: Motivations and Implications
By Phillip C. Saunders and Charles D. Lutesl

Special Feature

An Interview with James E. “Hoss” Cartwright

Global and Theater Operations Integration
By Robert J. Elder, Jr.

Joint Functional Command for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
By James L. Denton

Warfighting in Cyberspace
By Keith B. Alexander

Space Operations
By William L. Shelton

Integrated Missile Defense
By Kevin T. Campbell

A New Era in Combating WMD
By James A. Tegnelia

Guarding Cyberspace: Global Network Operations
By Charles E. Croom, Jr.

Contesting the Information Battlespace
By John C. Koziol

The Global Innovation and Strategy Center
By Kevin Williams


The George C. Marshall European Center: Proven Model or Irrelevant Prototype?
By Timothy C. Shea

American Military Culture and Strategy
By Phillip S. Meilinger

On the Nature of Strategic Communications
By Carnes Lord


Effects-based Operations and the Problem of Causality: Simple and Complex
By Zoltan Jobbagy

Military Officer Attitudes Toward UAV Adoption: Exploring Institutional Impediments to Innovation
By James R. FitzSimonds and Thomas G. Mahnken

Shaping the Nuclear Landscape
By Paul I. Bernstein, John P. Caves, Jr., and John F. Reichart

A JTF Training Dilemma: Component Rigor versus Joint Realism
By Thomas E. Ward II

Log-centric Airbase-Opening Strategies in Korea
By Steven M. Anderson and Douglas A. Cunningham

Did the Coalition Need More Forces in Iraq? Evidence from Al Anbar
By Carter Malkasian

Interagency Dialogue

Combating Terrorism with Socioeconomics: Leveraging the Private Sector
By Miemie Winn Byrd


Joint Ground Logistics in the Falklands
By Raymond E. Bell, Jr.

Book Reviews

Off the Shelf
By Lisa M. Yambrick

Anthrax: Bioterror as Fact and Fantasy
Reviewed by Zygmunt F. Dembek

Learning Large Lessons: The Evolving Roles of Ground Power and Air Power in the Post–Cold War World
Reviewed by Barry D. Watts

Enduring the Freedom: A Rogue Historian in Afghanistan
Reviewed by James Snyder

The opinions, conclusions, and recommendations expressed or implied within are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Defense or any other agency of the Federal Government.

Gen Peter Pace, USMC
Stephen J. Flanagan, Ph.D.
Director, Institute for National Strategic Studies
Advisory Committee
LtGen Frances C. Wilson, USMC National Defense University
BG David A. Armstrong, USA (Ret.) Office of the Chairman
MG Byron S. Bagby, USA Joint Forces Staff College
Col Jeremiah D. Canty, USMC Marine Corps War College
A. Denis Clift National Defense Intelligence College
ADM Edmund P. Giambastiani, USN The Joint Staff
Col Thomas Greenwood, USMC Marine Corps Command and Staff College
MG David H. Huntoon, USA U.S. Army War College
Brig Gen Jay H. Lindell, USAF Air Command and Staff College
Col Jerome M. Lynes, USMC The Joint Staff
RADM Gerard M. Mauer, Jr., USN Industrial College of the Armed Forces
RADM Richard J. Mauldin, USN The Joint Staff
Maj Gen (S) Stephen J. Miller, USAF Air War College
BG Mark E. O’Neill, USA U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Maj Gen Teresa M. Peterson, USAF National War College
LTG Walter L. Sharp, USA The Joint Staff
RADM Jacob L. Shuford, USN Naval War College
Col David Smarsh, USAF Naval Postgraduate School
Editorial Board
Stephen J. Flanagan National Defense University
Richard K. Betts Columbia University
Stephen D. Chiabotti School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
Eliot A. Cohen The Johns Hopkins University
Aaron L. Friedberg Princeton University
Alan L. Gropman Industrial College of the Armed Forces
Col David H. Gurney, USMC (Ret.) National Defense University
Douglas N. Hime Naval War College
Mark H. Jacobsen Marine Corps Command and Staff College
Daniel T. Kuehl Information Resources Management College
Col Anne E. McGee, USAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces
Thomas L. McNaugher The RAND Corporation
Kathleen Mahoney-Norris Air Command and Staff College
William H.J. Manthorpe, Jr. National Defense Intelligence College
LTG William E. Odom, USA (Ret.) Hudson Institute
Col Mark Pizzo, USMC (Ret.) National War College
Col Thomas C. Skillman, USAF Air War College
COL Robert E. Smith, USA U.S. Army War College
LtGen Bernard E. Trainor, USMC (Ret.)
Harvard University

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