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Igor Mikhailov. Communication Theory: From Humean Problem to Humane Knowledge

The paper poses the question of the epistemological status of humane philosophical knowledge in the light of Humean problem as articulated by 

Kant . Philosophical anthropology by its nature may be neither analytic nor synthetic. One can cope with this paradox with the help of Kantian conception 

of the knowledge of man as the empirical internal self-determination of the subject, being connected with Wittgenstein's conception of ontological 

assumptions that are not subject to empirical check in this very culture, as well as Lotman's conception of «cultural codes».

The semiotic theory of culture is itself based on the ontological assumptions concerning man and his social, communicative nature. Thus, 

shown is the sequence of descent from conceptual and philosophical to scientific and empirical knowledge of man: philosophical theory of thought 

and knowledge philosophical anthropology as a reflection of ontological assumptions on man general semiotic theory of communication specific humanities.

Keywords: philosophical anthropology, semiotics, Hume, Kant, Wittgenstein, Lotman, ontological assumptions, semiotic theory of culture, communication


Natalia Smirnova. Phenomenological Project in the Study of Social Communications

There is an attempt in the framework of social phenomenology to answer the question of how social communications are possible, what presuppositions 

should be taken into consideration and what idealizations to be made. For this purpose the discrepancy between subjective and intersubjective meaning 

contexts to be bridged by communicating persons is studied. It is argued that there are some rules to be followed in order to meet methodological standards 

in social sciences and humanities.

Keywords: meaning, direct (indirect) communications, intersubjectivity, social phenomenology


Irina Melik-Gaykazyan. Interconnection of Communicative Process and Dynamic of Sign Forms

A concept version of the relationship of communicative and semiotic processes are considered in this paper.

Keywords: philosophy of process, occasion, information process, communicative processes, semiotics



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