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Strategic Perspectives №13, 2013

Strategic Perspectives №13, 2013 The New NATO Policy Guidelines on Counterterrorism: Analysis, Assessments, and Actions

By Stefano SANTAMATO with Marie-Theres BEUMLER

The new policy guidelines focus on NATO’s strengths, such as intelligence sharing, capacity-building, special operations forces, training, and technology and capabilities. In doing so, the guidelines inaugurate a new phase of NATO’s engagement in countering terrorism, predicated around the three principles of compliance with international law, NATO support to Allies, and nonduplication and complementarity in addition to focusing on the three key areas of awareness, capabilities, and engagement.


Executive Summary


Evolution of the Transnational Terrorist Threat

NATO’s Response

The New NATO Policy Guidelines on Counterterrorism


Appendix A. NATO’s Policy Guidelines on Counter-terrorism— Aware, Capable and Engaged for a Safer Future (May 21, 2012)

Appendix B. Overview of National and International Response

Appendix C. Key NATO Documents


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