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Александр Вдовин
Великая Отечественная война и новая национальная политика СССР

Автор указывает, что в годы Великой Отечественной войны в СССР осуществлялась новая национальная политика, определяет ее сущность, выявляет ее предпосылки, хронологические рамки, проявления на этапах осуществления и наконец отказ от нее в связи с возвращением к классовой национальной политике

© Vdovin A.

The Great Patriotic War and the new national policy in the USSR

The author tries to argue the fact, that the national policy of Soviet State was radically changed during the Second World War and based on the idea of the “healthy nationalism”. He proposes the term “New National Policy” (NNP) to determinate this policy and indicates some parallels between the NNP and the “New Economic Policy” (NEP) of the 1920th. He thinks that NNP took place between the December of 1941 and the December of 1948. The article is devoted to analyze the essence, the causes, the chronological limits and the periodization, the main characteristics and the causes of NNP revision. He concludes that the rejection of “healthy nationalism” elements in Soviet national policy after the WWII was one of the main causes of the USSR disintegration

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