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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Век глобализации » №3, 2017


Vek globalizatsii

[Age of Globalization]

Journal of global studies



Ruslan I. Khasbulatov. Idols and their worshippers: the collapse of libertarism. Article 3 (pp. 3–16).

Yuri D. Granin. The “West” and alternative strategies of modernisation (pp. 17–30).

Tatyana G. Leshkevich. “The global modernism” and a new interpretation of subjectness (pp. 31–42).


Vladimir S. Golubev. The sovereign globalization and geopolitics (pp. 43–50).

Ernest G. Kochetov. The paradigm of the Global Renaissance as the model of future (its essence stated briefly) (pp. 51–60).

Global issues

AlexanderB. Veber. Ecology and public consciousness: a difficult path to sustainable development (pp. 61–76).

Nigyar R. Mekhtiyeva. Information wars as a “digital” aspect of globalization (pp. 77–89).

Dmitry V. Savelenko. The economic potential of labor migration for development of the Customs Union countries (pp. 90–96).

Nature, society, and humans

Leonid E. Grinin. The revolution in Russia and the transformation of the World-System (pp. 97–112).

Zeynab Z. Bahturidze.The international relations in the “post”-epoch: the evolutionary opportunities (pp. 113–120).

Glen T. Martin. Planetary maturity and our global social contract (pp. 121–129).

YadvigaS. Yaskevich. The rationality, morals, and management models in business and politics (pp. 130–142).

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