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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Век глобализации » №1, 2013

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Vek globalizatsii

[Age of Globalization]

Journal of global studies



Markovic D. Historical contexts of contradictions of modernization (pp. 3–13).

Veber A. B. Searching for a new developmental paradigm (pp. 14–26).

Kiselyov D. A. Social development management as a global philosophical problem (pp. 27–36).

Osthoff-Münnix G. The world government: needs and reality (pp. 37–40).

Blizkovsky P., Prantl, J. Global economic governance: what problems do Asia and Europe face? (pp. 41–46).

Processesof Globalization

Kosichenko A. G. Globalization and religion (pp. 47–58).

Leonova O. G. Global regionalization as a phenomenon of the global world development (pp. 59–66).

Global Problems

Seidova G. N. Islam and globalization: pro et contra (pp. 67–78).

Ilimbetova A. A. The global process of migration's  feminization (pp. 79–91).

Nature, Society, Man

Durchik V. Our modern times: is morality an ‘epiobiotic species’? (pp. 92–99).

Sukhareva E. A. The specifics of development of Moscow as a global megalopolis (pp. 100–108).


Seleznyov P. S. The problems of innovative development in Russia (pp. 109–124).

Alpidovskaya M. L. Joining the WTO, or a ‘new economic chimera’ of the present postmodern society (pp. 125–135).

Kovalyov Y. A. Russia and the main challenge of the 21st century (pp. 136–149).

Global Personality

Chesnokov V. S. V. I. Vernadsky – the great scientist-innovator and humanist
(pp. 150–166).

Stepanov S. A. N. N. Moiseev on the fate of the Russian intelligentsia (pp. 167–170).

Academic Life

Galimov B. S., Salikhov G. G. Bagautdinov A. M. Philosophy and the future of civilization  (pp. 171–179).

Pyrin A. G. Presentation of the encyclopedic dictionary on Globalistics (pp. 180–184).

The World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China) (pp. 185–189).

The Authors of the Issue (p. 190).

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