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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Век глобализации » №2, 2014


Vek globalizatsii

[Age of Globalization]

Journal of global studies



Valeriy V. Snakin. Global Tendencies in the Evolution of Biosphere (pp. 3–13).

Leonid E. Grinin, Andrey V. Korotayev. Inflationary and Deflationary Trends of the World Economy or the Spread of the “Japanese Disease” (pp. 14–31).

Ilya V. Ilyin., Michail A. Kaverin. The Problems of Transformation of International Organizations into the Institutes of Global Governance (pp. 32–38).

Alaxander N. Chumakov. On Globalization from the Objective Viewpoint (pp. 39–51).

Processes of globalization

Anatoly A. Gorelov. From the World Colonial System to Global Neocolonialism
(pp. 52–64).

Yadviga S. Yaskevich. Risk Society in the Context of Global Geopolitical Strategies
(pp. 65–77).

Viktor A. Los. Sociocultural Analysis of Civilizational Processes: Interconnection of Cyclic and Linear Approaches to the Dynamics of the World Development (pp. 78–90).

Ruslan S. Zuikov. Ideology of the World Society: Political and System Analysis (pp. 91–104).

Global issues

Ivan V. Sablin. Globalization and Environment: The Environmental Policy of India and China (pp. 105–118).

Tatyana V. Ignatova, Tatyana V. Podolskaya. The Possibilities of Global Governance of the World Financial System: Realities and Perspectives (pp. 119–128).

Ivan A. Aleshkovsky. Illegal Migration as a Phenomenon of the Global World (pp. 129–136).

Nature, society, and humans

Evgeny A. Trofimov. The Unification of Social Structure of a Society as a Global Problem of the Political Sphere Development (pp. 137–143).

Sergey I. Rudakov. Global Society in the Light of Unity of Logical and Historical
(pp. 144–152).

Viktor G. Getman. About “Golden Parachutes” and the Social Justice (pp. 153–160).

Russiain the global world

Svetlana I. Levikova. The Destiny of the Russian Culture under Modern Total Globalization (by the example of informal youth subculture) (pp. 161–174).

Zu Chunmin. Slavophilism and Eurasianism (pp. 175–183).

Scientific life

Alexander V. Katsura. Globalization in the Context of History (pp. 176–191).

Alexander N. Chumakov. Soft Power as a Way to Solve Problems in Global World
(pp. 192–195).

Global Studies Encyclopedic Dictionary (pp. 196–197).


The 25th Anniversary of “Uchitel” Publishing House (p. 198).

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