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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Век глобализации » №4, 2018


Vek globalizatsii

[Age of Globalization]

Journal of global studies



Alexander N. Chumakov. Major trends of the global development: realities and prospects (pp. 3–15).

Leonid E. Grinin. Revolutions, historical process and globalization (pp. 16–29).

Orazaly Sabden. The network management: state, science, society, and their interaction (pp. 30–38).

Elena I. Glushenkova. Nikolay N. Moiseev’s ideas in the works of contemporary Russian social scientists (to the 100th anniversary of academician Nikolay Moiseev) (pp. 39–50).


Mikhail Ch. Zalikhanov, Stanislav A. Stepanov. Modern world of global processes in the works of Danilo Markovic (to the 85th anniversary of the outstanding Serbian scientist) (pp. 51–61).

Hortensia Cuellar. The Silk Road: a new developmental pattern? (pp. 62–69).

Kendzha B. Babayev, Mukhabbatsho Z. Kobilov. The impact of globalization on the cultural identity of the Tadzhik migrants in Russia (pp. 70–78).


Gunhild L. Hoffman. Political analysis activity for conflict resolution in the global world (pp. 79–92).

DaniyalS. Magomedov. Terrorism as a global threat in the 21st century: theoretical pathways of comprehension (pp. 93–106).

Pavel V. Piven. Digital slavery or digital heaven? (pp. 107–113).

Olga V. Kurbacheva. The issue of ethnic conflicts in the situation of global instability (pp. 114–124).

Nature, Society, and Humans

Dmitry K. Stozhko. Civil war as a political phenomenon (to the centenary year of the start of the Civil War in Russia) (pp. 125–136).

Rita V. Goleva. Mineral resource management and Russia’s sustainable development (pp. 137–144).

Vladimir V. Slyusarev, Timur M. Khusyainov. Digital revolution and the existential crisis of a personality (pp. 145–151).

Ariz A. Gezalov, Eka D. Korkia, Agamali K. Mamedov. The status and mission of a university in the post-modern times (pp. 152–158).

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