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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Век глобализации » №2, 2015


Vek globalizatsii

[Age of Globalization]

Journal of global studies



Leonid E. Grinin. The New World Order and the Epoch of Globalization (рр. 3–17).

Akop P. Nazaretyan. The Nonlinear Future: Singularity of the Twenty-First Century as an Element of Megahistory (рр. 18–34).

Alexander N. Chumakov. Cultural and Civilization Gaps in the Global World
(рр. 35–47).

Processes of globalization

Mehdi Sanai. Globalization and Multiculturalism: Changing Concepts and Foundations (рр. 48–58).

Alexey A. Moiseev. The Phenomenon of Globalization and International Community (рр. 59–72).

Alexander D. Dumnov, Nikolay G. Rybal'sky. Macroeconomic Values Based on the Ecosystem Accounting as the Major International Task (рр. 73–89).

Martin Glen Т. Globalization and the Earth Constitution: Key Stages in the Struggle for Human Liberation (рр. 90–107).

Global issues

Vladimir G. Makarov. International Transfer of Nuclear Technologies as a Threat to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime (рр. 108–118).

Natalya V. Schennikova. Language Factor of Globalization (рр. 119–129).

Yuliya V. Zin'kina. The Malthusian Trap in the Age of Globalization? (рр. 130–142).

Nature, society, and humans

Vladimir A. Grachev. V. I. Vernadsky's Scientific Research as the Basis for the New World View and Sustainable Development (рр. 143–157).

Marianna D. Napso, Maryana B. Napso. The Right of the Individual and the Right of the People for Originality in the Realities of Globalization (рр. 158–169).

Iskander Kh. Davlatov. The Economic Nature of Globalization and its Influence on the Banking System of Tadjikistan (рр. 170–182).

Alexander V. Katsura. Modern Confucianism: Global Motives (рр. 183–189).

Russia in the global world

Dmitriy I. Kondratov. International Investments of the Russian Companies and Financial Institutions (рр. 190–208).

Yuri N. Sayamov. The Global Governing of Science – A Chimera or Vital Necessity?
(рр. 209–220).

Scientific life

Global Studies Encyclopedic Dictionary (pp. 221–222).

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