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N.V. Koksharov
Russian culture abroad
The author analyzed in the article the situation for the russian culture in UK, France and Finland.

English Visiting cards of Russian Philosophy in the Internet: INTELNET & Gallery
Contributor introduces readers to a problem of an image of Russian philosophy on the West. He examines some Internet-cites that present our modern philosophy for Anglophone people. There are two cites that more adequately promote the image of Russian philosophy today: the project "INTELNET" by M. Epstein and the project "Gallery of Russian thinkers" by D. Olshansky. This paper critically treats of peculiarities of author's approaches to understanding of the Russian thinking and philosophy specifics. At the same time the author of the article expresses his respect to the Russian philosophy promoters and suggests possible improvements.

V. . Lyubichankovski
Conceptual bases of teaching of discipline of the concept of modern natural sciences
In clause a number of conditions are stated, which realization should promote, in opinion of the author, to more successful development by students of a material of a high school rate to the Concept of modern natural sciences.

Multiculturalism: ` diversity and multitude
The phenomenon of multiculturalism is considered regarding countries created on the immigrant basis (the USA, first of all), and postcolonial countries of Western Europe. As a model of culture and a certain type of world view, multiculturalism, in tune with the mental atmosphere of postmodernism legitimizing cultural pluralism, dehierarchization and horizontal connections engagements, corresponds with the model of rhizome which unites both unique and serial in itself, i.e. both diversity and multitude.

Projectively Modal Structures of Platos Parmenides
Classical metaphysics knew a special philosophical language, so called Lingua Philosophica, by means of which it worked with a version of an Order of principles, where ordering is closely connected with the idea of a dependence between the principles. Principle Y is less than X iff Y is a more conditional and is a restriction of X in a way. The Order turns out a part of a more rich conceptual structure in this case. The paper is devoted to a formal presentation of this structure (in the form of so called Projectively Modal Ontology) and its applications to some regions of metaphysics. In particular, the structure of Platos Parmenides is formalized and generalized

" The fourth authority " as a sociological category
The influence of the mass-communications theme on a large target group is so stable and actual, that it is called in some contemporary science researches as the forth power. Mending the relationships with three official branches of authority? as it has the same force of influence on the target group. This article is about the convenience of the term, including the comparison with three official branches of authority is appropriate.

Pak Sun Yung
Time Duration Memory in O.Mandelshtams Creation (To the Reception of Bergsons Philosophy in Russia)
The article is devoted to the problem of the reception of Bergsons Philosophy in Russia in the occasion of Osip Mandelshtams Creation. The author studies the transformations of the concepts time, duration, memory in Mandelshtams poetics and his conceptions of the historic memory, the memory of culture etc.

V.N. Rogozhnikova
Love as the principle of the metaphysics of the all-mutual by Vl.Soloviev
The tradition of the Russian philosophy of the all-mutual unity begins with the works of Vl. Soloviev, who defined the all-mutual unity as the organic, alive, inner unity of nature, humanity and the Absolute (God). The foundation of this unity is love the proper substance of the divine principle. A man, because of the inner ideal correlation with God, i.e. because of reason, freedom and love, is able to draw nearer with his creative force the realization of the all-mutual unity. According to Vl. Soloviev, this god-human creation cannot lock itself in one human being, but, began as the mutual transformation of the male and female principles, comes to the end in the creation of the spiritual organism of the integral humanity (all-mutual personality). The sociality is laid in the very personality as a possibility to overcome the natural egoism of the human being and to fulfill it`s missing. Love is the very principle helping us to overcome our egoism, the utmost expression of which is the egoism of the genus. Love wins death, transforming the matter and realizing the all-mutual unity on Earth.

The article based on the concept of chromatic culturology describes
Variety of models for typology of basic intellectual characteristics of males and females. An analysis of semantic concepts of the theory shows that no relevant conclusions could be made without taking into consideration the gender of the participants and their cultural background. The article also elaborates on ways to eliminate those factors in future chromatic cultural studies.

S.V. Smyrnyh
Fiction of immediate knowledge
This polemic article is written concerning S.Volzhin's book I.G. Hamman, F.G. Jacobi. Philosophy of Feeling and Faith (2006). Referring on Hegel, I prove essential difference between the one-side moment of understanding so-called immediate knowledge and the form of reason intellectual intuition.
The problem of the synthesis in the French historiography
The autuor of the article invest: gates the sustainable concept of the French historiography known as the concept of the General History.Generalized potentiality of this concept and its investigational possibilities and limits are au alized. The reconstruetion mechanisms of the process of the scientific field develoment in the concept of different theoretical concept evolution cocernity the historical period of XVIII XX centuries are shown and discussed here.
Conditions and functions of constructive use of suggestion in education
The author concretizes conditions and functions of constructive suggestion in education and determines short-term forming of suggestive skills of teacher as a risk of psychological safety of pupils. To counterbalance the position of the authors of special courses directed at the quickest development of teachers and educators suggestive skills, the author of the article proposes to develop such quality as social intellect, natural basis of personal influence and gives her own formula of suggestion, making use of terminology of I.Shvarts, who worked out relaxopedical trend in the native pedagogy.
Key words: suggestion, suggestive skills, social intellect, psychological safety.

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