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E.U. Baidarov

Problem of the dichotomy “West-East”, “East-West” in global studies

In the present article was viewed the problem of the dichotomy “West-East”, “East-West”, their places and relation ships in the context of cultural globalization.


N.V. Beketov

Proliferation alternatives of scientific knowledge: economic space

The analysis of economic space as object of an economic science assumes consideration of its general and specific properties. It is necessary to carry objectivity of existence and independence of consciousness of the person to general properties of economic space (but not from activity!).

All economic processes and interactions are realized only in space of three measurements. Distinction metric ( т is possible. е . Connected with the quantitative analysis measurements) and topological (coherence, many-levels and т . Item) Properties of economic space. Its metric properties expressing to feature of communication of spatial elements, the order and quantitative laws of these communications are indissolubly connected with extent of economic space. Allocating economic space as object of the economic theory, it is necessary to note strengthening in an economic science of tendencies proliferation ideas. We shall stop on the declared thesis more in detail.



Rrussian young people: modern domestically-marriage values and options

In Russia today young people have new models of marriage relations. In the article some changes are examined in regard to young people to family in its different aspects. One of major indicators of social feel of population and young people is attitude toward family and children, and also international marriages.


A . S . Kluev

The music in the field of psychoanalysis (to the history of question)

The article deals with the development of psychoanalytical study of music (from the 1910 up to the 80-s of the 20th century). Express vividly both negatively and positively aspects of this study.


N.V. Koksharov

CULTURE: a bibliographic review in the English-speaking scientific literature

This article reflects bibliography review in studying the problem of culture into English literature since XX nentury to the present tense.

V.N. Lukin, T.V.Musienko

Modern Discurse of European Integration: Institutional and Cultural Aspects

The authors of the article investigates the disadvantages of the previous policy based on the institutional concept of European integration.

They demonstrates the possible constructive effects of the new policy aimed at the construction of transnational and supranations institutions of the Modern European economic and political order, on the one hand.

On the other hand, the problem of finding the effective and innovative mechanisms of Cultural Policy as a foundation of the model of European Integration is emphasized.


A.V. Lyubichankovski

Classification of the cultural hereditary's objects

In this paper the classification of the cultural hereditary's objects is done on different grounds. The particular attention is payed to theire classification on within the bounds of the culture's geography.


L.S. Nurbosinova

Sense of life: searches of possible decisions

Sense of life is an integrativnoe, regulyativnoe concept, inherent the developed world view system, which interprets and orders sense, freedom of value, moral norms of forthcoming social activity. At all times, in all of epoches sense of life consisted of creation itself – in realization of the capabilities and talents, in development of creative possibilities, spiritual wealth in behalf of society, for realization of progress of people, nations, humanity on the whole.



A . E . Petrosyan

The evolution of management models. (The review of XX century and a forecast for XXI century)

In the present article the nature and social roots of the principal management models of XX century are scrutinized. It's demonstrated that in our sight the outlines of “scientronic” society that leans not on technique but directly on scientific work are appeared. In such conditions a new philosophy of management is required - not reflective but proactive, i. e. aimed at intentional intervention in external world and accommodation of it to the demands of organization. Thus the vectors “technotronic – scientronic” and “reflective – proactive” turn into the axes of the development of management models nowadays and it's on this base that the author constructs forecast matrix of the models to come and anticipates their intrinsic traits.



S.V. Smyrnyh

Faith as Certainty of Truth

Faith is the truth of practical relations. It is a mode of the internal purpose. Faith is the absolute need of freedom as rescue of the person and receives the satisfaction by means of a cult.


T.I. Suslova

Philosophical basis of aesthetics transition

This article gives consideration to philosophic-aesthetical conception of the aesthetical transformation, represented in the aspect of historic- civilized approach. There is a definition for “aesthetic of transformation”, the mechanism of transition Old Russian mythologemes into modern cultural field. The innovation interpretation and the introduction of the definition “transformation” into aesthetic field allow to continue further study of modern creative work with the aid of actualization aesthetic foundation of culture. The article can become the reason for thought about further ways of modern aesthetic development.

For culturologues philosophers and everyone who is interested in modern state of world wide and native culture and art.


K.G. Sheryazdanova

The present stage problem of national safety formation

The idea of national safety has found the new impulse, caused by an aspiration of the young sovereign states to increase their competitiveness using opportunities of the international safety system.

The article includes the analysis of national safety of Kazakhstan , as the Central Asian region has the major strategic importance taking to the account its geopolitical position. Also the article reveals positive and negative tendencies of regional cooperation and proves the necessity of the coordinated military policy of Central Asia States.


M. M. Shumilov

Social consequences of globalization

The displays and consequences of economic globalization, theory and practice of “globalizm” are examined in the article. The critical analysis of arguments in resented.

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