» Credo New » 4, 2008


E.U. Baidarov
Dehumanization of culture in the aspect of cultural (existential-cultural) globalistics
The problem of the culture dehumanization in the context of the cultural (existential-cultural) globalistics is examined in the article by the social-philosophic analysis. Dehumanization of culture made the sacral values unimportant, sacral impoverishment of humanity. Solving of this problem is in the formation of the new word view new humanism, abbey to unite the modern civilization in the u hole.

N.G. Butskaya
The institutional factors of Russian consulting competitiveness
Article investigates the institutional environment of the Russian consulting, analyzes its influence on competitive relations features in the consulting market and factors of competitiveness of the Russian consulting companies.

P.S. Gurevich
Masochism as an Anthropological Secret
In this article is a broached theoretical and practical aspect of masochistical character, which is considered to be most difficult in psychotherapeutic work. Sights of Freud, Horney, and Krafft-Ebing are compared.

V.J. Darenskiy
Codes of knowledge and codes of authority: politic theory explications of M. K. Petrovs ideas
The author considers the M. K. Petrovs heredity as the essential phenomenon of contemporary politic philosophy within the framework of rethinking of its conceptual basis. M. K. Petrovs concept of sociocodes as a new methodological approach to typology of politic authority is analyzed here. In article new understanding of politic authorities historic typology, which based on M.K. Petrovs conception innovations is offered.

E.G. Matvievskaya
Pedagogical measurement. Research experience and problems
The author considers the problem of measurement in Education. It is closely connected with the problem of test creation that is the creation of such a system of measurement which will allow getting an objective and accurate estimation of the quality of pupils learning especially when the measurement undertakes a large number of pupils. The article describes the process of the term improvement, discusses the requirements to the instruments of testing. The author offers a classification of testing models, shows the advantages of testing methods, analyses the existing approaches to testing.

T.V. Naumenko
The conceptual analysis of a mass communication theory
Intensive development of modern mass communications is an object of steadfast attention of researchers of various social processes. The methodological analysis of a mass communication theories is necessary for the conceptualization of available knowledge and representations of a mass communication as a social process.

V.V. Savchuk
How to Made Philosophy in Germany?
In Russia there is permanent interest to contemporary philosophical life in German, although German philosophers make progress in studies of analytical philosophy.
After the publication of Werner Stegmaiers book Philosophie der Orientirung the list of philosophical disciplines has been supplemented by the new branch such as philosophy of orientation, which combines the problematic of practical philosophy, cultural and political studies, theory of communication and researches the results of IT-development on human situation and life.

N.V. Serov
Model of the person and XXI century
Elimination of bilateral subjectivity for adequate representation of essence and human nature it is achieved by use concepts colors and reproducibility of philosophical conceptions in triad division of intrinsic characteristics of intelligence on certain "atoms": white - a sociality of consciousness, grey - culture of subconsciousness, and black - the nature unconsciousness; thus each of these "atoms" appeared connected with the certain type of logic - formal, figurative, and genetic, accordingly. The parity between Lacans representation of the person and the received model of intelligence is in summary submitted.

S.V. Smyrnyh
The academic aspect of Hegels Phenomenology of Mind
The article concerns problem of transition from intellect to reason. How to learn such a metamorphosis? It is not a theoretical question. Art and religion solve in its practical way. It is transformation of natural individuality in spiritual. However the further general development of spirit is a problem of a science of freedom.

A.Y. Solomein, I.Y. Nikolaeva, O.N. Muhin
Psycho-Social and Cultural Symbol of Authority Mythologems:
Comparative-Historical Contex of their Occurence
This article analyses mythological and symbolic reflections of Authority characterizing European and Russian traditions. Comparative analysis is made with the use of Medieval and the carly period of Modern Age materials. Methodology of study is distinguished by its method of analysing of the effects of different levels of Sociocultural existence and thier interaction: from Psychological structures of Unconcions, that is through Habitus attitudes, till Ideological concept of the historical epochs investigated.

E.M. Spirova
The Phenomenon of Narcissism in Psychoanalysis
In this article are analyzed peculiarities of narcissistic character. Approaches of S. Freud and E. Fromm are compared, and features of diagnostic and therapies characters of masochistic phenomena come to light.

A.V.Savchenko, T.I. Suslova
Philosophic and antropological bases of Internet-folklore as a form of communication.
The article views the possibilities of actualization of traditional culture forms, in particular the folklore in the Web-space. Contemporary culture is able to provide succession by using the matter of oral and printing culture, which functioned in the antecedent epochs. This process displays that the matter, that in former times determined the culture of oral-visual layer, is spreading through the channels of printing and technical means of modern communication, which are indirect for culture of this type.
It seems controversial that the matter, which is typical for traditional oral-visual forms of culture, can not be assimilated by contemporary culture and that the transmission of uniqueness of oral culture forms requires the forms, which are adequate for this culture only. In the process of urbanization the rebirth of some faded away forms becomes a relevant practical problem. The article tells in detail about possible forms of spontaneous display of trditional forms of russian non-professional culture in Internet-folklore.

The world as the native house of human life in Antiquity
In article the essence of antique anthropological installation, where the individual only an integral part of harmoniously organized nature, i.e. space is opened. The given position receives the explication in ideas of Philosophers of "physiologists" where search of the first beginning is connected to definition of a place of a person in the world. Life as the nature is the highest blessing to which all is involved real. Asking Socrates Asking about the reason of all real deduces the Greek idea in metaphysical measurement, preparing open space for idea Plato and Aristotle.
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