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Martin E. Dempsey
From the Chairman

Bryan B. Battaglia and Curtis L. Brownhill
True and Steady, Inspection Ready


William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

An Interview with Raymond T. Odierno

Robert C. Owen
Theater Airlift Modernization: Options for Closing the Gap

Lawrence J. Pleis, Richard Lliteras, David A. Wood, Matthew D. Bain and Steven J. Hendrickson
The Afghanistan National Railway: A Plan of Opportunity

Mark A. Brown
The USCENTCOM Train: The Deployment and Distribution Operations Center Turns 10

Essay Competitions

David S. Forman
Deterrence with China: Avoiding Nuclear Miscalculation

Clorinda Trujillo
The Limits of Cyberspace Deterrence

Bradford John Davis
Opportunities in Understanding China's Approach to the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

JPME Today

Eneken Tikk-Ringas, Mika Kerttunen, and Christopher Spirito
Cyber Security as a Field of Military Education and Study

Rebecca Patterson and Jodi Vittori
Why Military Officers Should Study Political Economy

Russell S. Thacker and Paul W. Lambert
Low Cost, High Returns: Getting More from International Partnerships


Lukas Milevski
Asymmetry Is Strategy, Strategy Is Asymmetry

Glenn Voelz
Is Military Science "Scientific"?

R. Russell Rumbaugh
The Best Man for the Job? Combatant Commanders and the Politics of Jointness


Dennis M. Gormley, Andrew S. Erickson, and Jingdong Yuan
A Potent Vector: Assessing Chinese Cruise Missile Developments

Megan Katt
Blurred Lines: Cultural Support Teams in Afghanistan

Ramberto A. Torruella, Jr.
Determining Hostile Intent in Cyberspace

Thomas B. Smith and Marc Tranchemontagne
Understanding the Enemy: The Enduring Value of Technical and Forensic Exploitation


J. Darren Duke, Rex L. Phillips, and Christopher J. Conover
Challenges in Coalition Unconventional Warfare: The Allied Campaign in Yugoslavia, 1941–1945

Book Reviews

Dov S. Zakheim
You Cannot Surge Trust

Bryon Greenwald
Engineers of Victory Reviewed

Katie Kuhn
Next-Generation Homeland Security Reviewed

Joint Doctrine

Jon T. Thomas
Implementing Joint Operational Access: From Concept to Joint Force Development

Richard J. Holdren, Stephen F. Nowak, and Fred J. Klinkenberger, Jr.
Dealing with Corruption: Hard Lessons Learned in Afghanistan

Joint Doctrine Update

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