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William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

Paul B. Symon and Arzan Tarapore
Defense Intelligence Analysis in the Age of Big Data

Catherine Johnston, Elmo C. Wright, Jr., Jessica Bice, Jennifer Almendarez, and Linwood Creekmore
Transforming Defense Analysis

Alexander L. Carter
Improving Joint Interagency Coordination: Changing Mindsets

Jeffrey M. Shanahan
Decentralized Stability Operations and Mission Command

Essay Competitions

The NDU Foundation Congratulates the Winners of the 2015 Writing Competitions

Wallace Turnbull III
Time to Come in from the Cold (War): Nuclear Force Structure for an Uncertain World

Patrick Michael Duggan
Strategic Development of Special Warfare in Cyberspace

Robert William Schultz
Countering Extremist Groups in Cyberspace

JPME Today

Larry D. Miller and Laura A. Wackwitz
Writing, Integrity, and National Security

William G. Pierce, James E. Gordon, and Paul C. Jussel
Extending the Shelf Life of Teachers in Professional Military Education


Robert A. Gleckler
Why War Plans, Really?


Mark F. Cancian
The Impact of Rising Compensation Costs on Force Structure

S. Edward Boxx and Jason Schuyler
The Case for the Joint Theater Air Missile Defense Board

Sean Charles Gaines Kern
Expanding Combat Power Through Military Cyber Power Theory


Raymond Adams
The Gallipoli Campaign: Learning from a Mismatch of Strategic Ends and Means

Alice A. Booher
The Commander-in-Chief

David F. Eisler
The Invisible Wounds of War

William H. Waggy II
Thieves of State


James C. McArthur, William D. Betts, Nelson R. Bregón, Faith M. Chamberlain, George E. Katsos, Mark C. Kelly, E. Craig Levy, Matthew L. Lim, Kimberly K. Mickus, and Paul N. Stockton
Interorganizational Cooperation—Part I of III: The Interagency Perspective

Jon T. Thomas and Douglas L. Schultz
Lessons about Lessons: Growing the Joint Lessons Learned Program

Joint Doctrine Update

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