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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly# 86 (3rd Quarter, 2017)

Тема номера: On Strategy Itself



General Joseph Dunford, Jr.
From the Chairman: Maintaining a Boxer's Stance


William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

William T. Eliason
An Interview with Kurt W. Tidd

Kurt W. Tidd and Tyler W. Morton
U.S. Southern Command: Evolving to Meet 21st-Century Challenges

Daniel Burkhart and Alison Woody
Strategic Competition: Beyond Peace and War

Scott Englund
Black is the New Red: Containing Jihad

Lukas Milevski
Respecting Strategic Agency: On the Categorization of War in Strategy

JPME Today

Douglas Orsi
Professional Military Education and Broadening Assignments: A Model for the Future

Charles D. Allen
Civil-Military Relations in Transitions: Behavior of Senior Military Officers

Mark Schmidt and Ryan Slaughter
A Strategic Leader's Guide to Transforming Culture in Large Organizations


Anthony Dunkin
Where Rumsfeld Got It Right: Making a Case for In-Progress Reviews

Laura J. Junor, Samantha Clark, and Mark Ramsay
Military Retirement Reform: A Case Study in Successful Public Sector Change

Kyle N. Remick and Eric A. Elster
Trauma Care in Support of Global Military Operations


Kevin D. Stringer
Building a Stay-Behind Resistance Organization: The Case of Cold War Switzerland Against the Soviet Union


Brian K. Hall
Autonomous Weapons Systems Safety

Andrew Hill and Heath Niemi
The Trouble with Mission Command: Flexive Command and the Future of Command and Control

Stephen E. Webber and Donald E. Vandergriff
Learning to Fish in Murky Waters: The Missing Link in Capacity-Building

Book Reviews

Ryan A. Sanford

Williamson Murray
The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta

John Culclasure
The Grand Strategy That Won the Cold War

Joint Doctrine

Gregory E. Browder and Marcus J. Lewis
Joint Force Quarterly 86 (3rd Quarter, July 2017) Adaptive Doctrine: Infusing the Changing Character of Warfare into Doctrine

Rick Rowlett
Joint Publication 3-0, Joint Operations

Joint Doctrine Update

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