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Журнальный клуб Интелрос » Credo New » №2, 2010


I. Sh. Aslanova 

Dialog as a Form of Interreligious Communication


I.V. Aster

Crisis of social relations and problem of loneliness in the conditions of the russian megacity


G.K. Hakhverdyan

The Conception of National Security in the Context of Globalization Processes


S. Benvenuto

The Beasts Next Door


N.Z. Brosova

Aspects of Language in the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger


V.J. Darenskiy

Soviet “marxizm-leninizm” as phenomenon of secular neo-Gnosticism


G.G. Ivaschenko

Innovative changes as a basis of organizational prosperity in G.Hamel and J.Trout's concepts


A.S. Кluev

Music As A Superattractor of The System-Evolving World


O.M. Коndratova

Destruction of the Ethnic Identity of Russians as the Result of Russia Informational Policy


V.I. Krasikov

A Structure of Russian Philosophical Community in the Beginning of XX: the Main Positions

Y.V. Man'ko

Historical Speculators and Historical Speculations 


A.J. Pidjakov, M.N. Mayor

Legal Views of P.A. Sorokin


A.S. Matveev

Management in social interaction structure


A.G. Myasnikov

Evolution of patrimonial moral consciousness in Gogol "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" 


D.A. Olshansky 

Truth in Reading: “The Purloined Letter” of Edgar Poe from J. Lacan to J. Derrida


E.A. Savelieva, L.B. Sokolova

Museum as a mean of support of understanding interaction of young student with the  regional and ethnic world of culture


A. Sagikyzy

Science and humanism in a context of the challenges of the present time



The eleventh’s thesis of Marx about  Feuerbach: New science or New pragmatics of philosophy?



The Term "Society": Problem of Essentiality of Contents

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