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Winners of the 2011 Writing Competitions

Secretary of Defense
National Security Essay Competition

The 5th annual competition in 2011 was intended to stimulate new approaches to coordinated civilian and military action from a broad spectrum of civilian and military students. Essays were to address U.S. Government structure, policies, capabilities, resources, and/or practices and to provide creative, feasible ideas on how best to orchestrate the core competencies of our national security institutions. The NDU Foundation awarded the first place winner a generous gift certificate from Amazon.com.

Col Justin C. Davey, USAF
Air War College
"Enduring Attraction: America's Dependence on and Need to Secure Its Supply of Permanent Magnets"

JoAnne Wagner, Department of State
National War College
"'Going Out': Is China's Skillful Use of Soft Power in Sub-Saharan Africa a Threat to U.S. Interests?"

COL David H. Carstens, USA
U.S. Army War College
"Building Resiliency into the National Military Strategy"

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Strategic Essay Competition

This annual competition, in its 30th year in 2011, challenges students at the Nation's joint PME institutions to write research papers or articles about significant aspects of national security strategy to stimulate strategic thinking, promote well-written research, and contribute to a broader security debate among professionals. The first place winners in each category received a generous Amazon.com gift certificate courtesy of the NDU Foundation.


Steve Coonen, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
National War College
"The Empire's Newest New Clothes: Overrating China"

COL Mark David Maxwell, USA
National War College
"Targeted Killing, the Law, and Terrorists: Feeling Safe?"

LtCol Douglas John MacIntyre, USMC
Naval War College
"Emerging from Behind the U.S. Shield: Japan's Dynamic Deterrence Policy and Resurgence in Asia"


COL Daniel S. Larsen, USA
U.S. Army War College
"U.S.-China Relations: No Need to Fight"

COL Ricky J. Nussio, USA
U.S. Army War College
"Gates's Speech, Rumsfeld's Vision, and Future Warfare"

David J. Greene, Department of State
National War College
"U.S. Strategy in Southeast Asia: Power Broker, Not Hegemon"

Joint Force Quarterly
Kiley Awards

Each year, judges select the most influential articles from the previous year's four issues of JFQ. Three outstanding articles were singled out for the Kiley Awards, named in honor of Dr. Frederick Kiley, former director, NDU Press:

Best Forum Article
Sebastian L.v. Gorka,
College of International Security Affairs
"The Age of Irregular Warfare: So What?"

Best Feature Article
Maj G. John David, USMC, and Paul S. Reinhart,
Defense Intelligence Agency
"A Joint Staff to Believe In"

Best Recall Article
Col Phillip S. Meilinger, USAF (Ret.)
"Unity of Command in the Pacific During World War II"

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