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Mary Kaldor
Human Security in Complex Operations

Nancy Soderberg
Enhancing U.S. Support for UN Peacekeeping

Eric A. Jorgensen
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Putting the Inter into the Interagency

James Douglas Orton with Christopher J. Lamb
Interagency National Security Teams: Can Social Science Contribute?

James G. Stavridis
The Comprehensive Approach in Afghanistan

Brian L. Losey
Conflict Prevention in East Africa: The Indirect Approach

Roger B. Myerson
Rethinking the Fundamentals of State-building

Michael G. Smith and Rebecca Shrimpton
Nation-building Interventions and National Security: An Australian Perspective

Rebecca Patterson and Jonathan Robinson
The Commander as Investor: Changing CERP Practices

Norton A. Schwartz
Airpower in Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations

James A. Schear, William B. Caldwell IV, and Frank C. DiGiovanni
Ministerial Advisors: Developing Capacity for an Enduring Security Force

David C. Becker and Robert Grossman-Vermaas
Metrics for the Haiti Stabilization Initiative

Jessica Lee and Maureen Farrell
Civil-Military Operations in Kenya's Rift Valley: Sociocultural Impacts at the Local Level

Rainer Glatz
ISAF Lessons Learned: A German Perspective

An Interview with William E. Ward

Michael J. Mazarr
Book Review

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