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Marc Grossman
Diplomacy Before and After Conflict

Ashraf Ghani
Afghanistan: Opportunities and Risks

John Arquilla
A “Net Shift” for Afghanistan?

Thomas Blau, Daryl Liskey
Analytics and Action in Afghanistan

Ali Ahmad Jalali
Afghanistan: Long-term Solutions and Perilous Shortcuts

Amin Tarzi
Recalibrating the Afghan Reconciliation Program

Tim Foxley
Countering Taliban Information Operations in Afghanistan

James D. Bindenagel
Afghanistan: The German Factor

Matthew W. Parin
Stabilization Operations Beyond Government: Joint Venture Public-Private Partnerships in Iraq and Afghanistan

Thomas A. Marks
Colombia: Learning Institutions Enable Integrated Response

Blake Stone
Blind Ambition: Lessons Learned and Not Learned in an Embedded PRT

An Interview with Said Tayeb Jawad

An Interview with Husain Haqqani

Scott W. Lyons
Complex Peace Operations and Civil-Military Relations: Winning the Peace

Joseph J. Collins
Civil-Military Relations: Theory and Practice

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