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PRISM 3, no. 4, September 2012

PRISM 3, no. 4, September 2012 Using history to understand the present can be a useful tool, but it is also a limited one. Historical cases are not identical to contemporary ones, and there is a danger of conflating challenges in such a manner that, rather than illuminating a present challenge, history obfuscates it. This problem tends to be evident in the inaccurate use of analogies by policymakers, commentators, and analysts… Michael J. Williams. Political-Military Lessons from U.S. Operations in Vietnam and Afghanistan



Daniel Serwer
Post-Asad Syria

Michael T. Flynn, James Sisco, and David C. Ellis
"Left of Bang": The Value of Sociocultural Analysis in Today's Environment

Ben FitzGerald and Pia Wanek
Evolved Irregular Threats

James K. Wither
Challenges Developing Host Nation Police Capacity

Pierre BÈlanger and Alexander Scott Arroyo
Logistics Islands: The Global Supply Archipelago and the Topologics of Defense

Greg Mills
The Stabilization Dilemma

Michael J. Williams
Political-Military Lessons from U.S. Operations in Vietnam and Afghanistan

AntuliO J. Echevarria II
What Is Wrong with the American Way of War?

From the Field

Geoffrey Lambert, Larry Lewis, and Sarah Sewall
Operation Enduring Freedom—Philippines: Civilian Harm and the Indirect Approach


An Interview with Brian Atwood

Book Reviews

George Michael
Book Review: The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan

Riley M. Moore
Book Review: Galula In Algeria: Counterinsurgency Practice versus Theory

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