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Александр Марей
Возрождение политического августинизма
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Рецензия: Villacañas Berlanga J. L. (2016).
Teología Política Imperial y Comunidad de Salvación Cristiana: una Genealogía de la División de Poderes.
Madrid: Trotta. 717 P. ISBN 978-84-9879-627-8


Political Augustinism Revival* villacañas berlanga j. l. (2016). teología política imperial y comunidad de salvación cristiana: una genealogía de la división de poderes. madrid: trotta. 717 p. isbn 978-84-9879-627-8


Alexander Marey
PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities,
National Research University Higher School of Economics Leading Research Fellow,
Centre for Fundamental Sociology,
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Address: Myasnitskaya str., 20, Moscow, Russian Federation 101000
E-mail: amarey@hse.ru


José-Luis Villacañas, professor of the Complutense University of Madrid, has published a book dedicated to the problems of the imperial political theology. The author is wellknown in the field of political philosophy and over the last decade, he has made a name as a specialist on Carl Schmitt and as an editor of his works. He has also written books about Hans Blumenberg and the imperial idea in the Spain of Charles V Habsburg. Therefore, when one meets a new book by Villacañas called The Imperial Political Theology and the Community of Christian Salvation, one expects another text about Early Modern political culture. However, this expectation would not be met. Based methodologically upon the conceptions of Max Weber, Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Schmitt, Villacañas writes about the Roman Republic and, further, the Roman Empire in the context of the birth of Christendom and Christian theology. If one of the first heroes of this book is the Roman dictator Sulla, its last hero is the famous theologist of the 5th century AD, Aurelius Augustine.

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