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Keith M. Boyer and Robert R. Allardice
Building Ministerial Capacity in Host Nations

Long-term success in Iraq as measured by attainment of our strategic objectives as presented above surely relies on a robust, focused, and unified whole-of-government advising mission. Sustainment of gains in physical infrastructure, training, and equipment is largely dependent on institution-building at the ministerial level. Yet Service and joint doctrines are lacking regarding building partnership capacity (BPC) and security force assistance (SFA) at the strategic level, especially in the area of military support to the development of self-sustaining institutional capacity within host nation ministries.
This article proposes a framework based on experiences in Iraq that could be used by joint or multinational force senior leaders to help focus an engagement strategy aimed at developing a self-sustaining ministerial institutional capacity, specifically in war-torn host nations where force generation is part of the mission set as well. The intent here is not to endorse one organizational construct over another, or to address the specific advising skills and/or education and training needed to effectively influence behavior in an advisory role. Rather, the purpose is to highlight key elements for consideration by senior leaders in creating an effective mission environment for ministerial institutional capacity-building.

Другие статьи автора: Boyer Keith M., Allardice Robert R.

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