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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly#71, 4th Quarter 2013

Тема номера: Assured Access


JFQ Dialogue

From the Chairman

Bryan B. Battaglia
Widening the Aperture in Education


Executive Summary

John W. Nicholson, Jr., Jason W. Condrey, and Claude A. Lambert
Assured Access: Building a Joint and Multinational Airborne Forcible Entry Capability

Gregory L. Schulte
Revisiting NATO’s Kosovo Air War: Strategic Lessons for an Era of Austerity

Margaret H. Woodward and Philip G. Morrison
The Responsibility to Protect: The Libya Test Case

James P. Terry
The 2011 Libya Operation: War Powers Redefined?

Essay Competitions

Winners of the 2013 Writing Competitions

Jonathan C. Rice
Core Questions for Cyber Attack Guidance

Joel J. Luker
The Cost of Culture: Controlling DOD’s Runaway O&M Spending

Gina M. Bennett
The Elusive Defeat of al Qaeda


Robert W. Cone
Reconnaissance and Surveillance: Looking Deep

Andrew Robert Marvin
ISR Support to Operational Access: Winning Initiative in Antiaccess and Area-denial Environments

Colin S. Gray
The Whole House of Strategy

Daniel H. McCauley
Globally Integrated Operations: A Reflection of Environmental Complexity


Keith M. Boyer and Robert R. Allardice
Building Ministerial Capacity in Host Nations

Robert L. Caslen, Jr., F. Dean Raab, and Geoffrey Adams
Security Cooperation Doctrine and Authorities: Closing the Gaps

Eric Jardine
Green-on-Blue Attacks: Why “Insider” Violence Has Risen in Afghanistan

Karen Kaya
NATO Missile Defense and the View from the Front Line

Marvin Baker Schaffer
Missile Defense: Follow-on to European Phased Adaptive Approach


Brad Clark
Inverting Clausewitz: Lessons in Strategic Leadership from the 1918 Ludendorff Offensives

Book Reviews

John O’Ryan Bullock
The Valley’s Edge

Alice A. Booher
The War on Terror

John R. Edwards
Healing the Wounded Giant

Joint Doctrine

Joint Doctrine Update

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