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Bruce Williams
The Military in a Wicked World: A European Union Military Point of View

We live in an increasingly wicked world, both in the common understanding of the word (given the growing number of serious security bushfires around the world threatening to join into a larger forest conflagration) and from a systems engineering perspective; where interrelationships between concurrent and coincident actors and events necessitate increasingly complex solutions, to even the most seemingly simple crisis, if unintended consequences are not to dominate outcomes.


The European Union (EU) has responded to such increasing complexity in its approach to delivering Comprehensive action and effects – it now assumes modern crises require all instruments of power to be woven together from the outset to address them – a full span of such levers are, of course, the constituent parts of the EU. Some organizations might say they already deliver comprehensive effect. However the EU’s uniqueness lies in that it does not presume a starting point where any one lever of power is dominant–as is found in a defense dominated organization such as NATO. The EU’s model roughly equates to the U.S. interagency, but working in this case not under just one administration but 28!

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