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An Interview with Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III

How do you interpret the President’s intention with respect to the strategic shift to Asia and the Pacific?

What do you think he means by that? Locklear: When we put out the new strategic guidance, “Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense,” in early 2012, there was a fair amount of deliberation among all aspects of the government including the Defense Department, the National Security Council, and the President. This discussion followed a decade or two of the type of operations we had been doing in the Middle East. We wanted to understand if we had the right prism to reshape our force, reshape our thinking, and reshape our planning. And I think we got it about right. I thought that before I was the PACOM commander, when I was in my last position in Europe and in NATO. So it’s not just about where I’m currently sitting. If you take a look at the next century, and where the interests of our children and our grandchildren will be most impacted, all the vectors point to Asia, the Indo-Asian Pacific region.

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