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The African Development Bank’s Support to PostConflict States

Conflict and fragility are considered to pose a major challenge to Africa’s growth prospects. While the continent has seen rapid positive economic growth over the last few years, there is strong evidence that this has not resulted in inclusive economic and social transformation. The High Level Panel on Fragile States, established by President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Donald Kaberuka, and chaired by H. E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, indicates that, “Africa is changing at an extraordinary speed.” New and emerging challenges posed by rapid urbanization, youth unemployment, lack of private sector development, and pressures on natural resources, amongst others, continue to create pockets of fragility and conflict. This article outlines the AfDB’s support in some of the countries affected by fragility and conflict. It will further clarify the evolution of the Bank’s approach to capture some of the most pressing emerging needs. The argument is organized in four sections: 1) the background and context of the Bank’s support for post-conflict countries: 2) the tools used to address fragility and post-conflict reconstruction and development in the Mano River Union, Somalia and the DRC: 3) lessons learned from these previous experiences: and 4) new areas in which ways of providing such support are being developed

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