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Ronald E. Neumann
Security Is More Than “20” Percent

Robert Hoekstra and Charles E. Tucker, Jr.
Adjusting to Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations

Edward Burke
Leaving the Civilians Behind: The “Soldier-diplomat” in Afghanistan and Iraq

Phil Williams
Organized Crime in Iraq: Strategic Surprise and Lessons for Future Contingencies

Pauline H. Baker
Forging a U.S. Policy Toward Fragile States

Kenneth J. Menkhaus
State Fragility as a Wicked Problem

John W. Blaney
Lessons from Liberia’s Success: Thoughts on Leadership, the Process of Peace, Security, and Justice

William Reno
Complex Operations in Weak and Failing States: The Sudan Rebel Perspective

James Stephenson, Richard McCall, and Alexandra Simonians
Not in Our Image: The Challenges of Effective Peace-building

Melanne Civic and Bernard Carreau
Building a Civilian Lessons Learned System

An Interview with Raymond T. Odierno

An Interview with Thomas S. Szayna

Melanne Civic
The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and for All

Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.
Occupying Iraq: A History of the Coalition Provisional Authority and Integrating Civilian Agencies in Stability Operations

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